Who We Are


Eloquence is powered by a diverse consortium of 16 partners from 10 countries, coordinated by TID. Our network includes:


6 SMEs: Experts in research management, sustainability, and innovative technology solutions.


4 RTOs: Specializing in areas from machine learning and human-machine interaction to bio-imaging and robotics.


5 Academic Institutions: Leading multidisciplinary research in technology, law, AI, and more.

Meet the Eloquence Consortium

Eloquence is driven by a powerhouse consortium of 16 partners from 10 countries, seamlessly coordinated by TID. We are a blend of industry leaders, specialized SMEs, and prestigious academic institutions, each bringing a unique set of skills to the table. Our collaborative strength lies in our diverse expertise—from advanced network architectures and standardization to cutting-edge research in human-machine interaction, machine learning, and ethical AI. Together, we're pioneering solutions that enhance digital communication across various platforms, ensuring that our innovations are both impactful and responsible. Explore how our consortium is setting new standards in AI and language technologies for a smarter, more connected world.

Interested in Partnering with Us?

Eloquence invites organizations, universities, and research institutes to collaborate in advancing conversational AI technologies.

  • Contribute AI Assets: Provide tools and services that enhance conversational interfaces and multilingual communication systems.
  • Research Collaboration: Share methodologies and insights that improve the development and application of conversational AI.
  • News and Updates: Keep our community updated with the latest achievements and upcoming events in conversational AI.
  • Participate in Pilots: Join our pilot projects to test and refine new conversational AI technologies in real-world scenarios.


Reach out to discover how we can collaborate to drive innovation in conversational AI solutions, while ensuring they meet European standards of quality, trustworthiness, and explainability.



ELOQUENCE is pioneering the development of advanced voice/chat bot technologies aimed at transforming unstructured dialogues into comprehensible, safe, and unbiased interactions. Our focus is on creating self-learning, adaptable models for diverse languages and use cases, emphasizing sustainability and European values, especially in safety-critical applications. By enhancing conversational agents with our research, including partnerships with key European enterprises and deploying in scenarios like emergency services and smart home assistants, ELOQUENCE aims to set new standards in AI, ensuring privacy, bias detection, and empathetic user engagement.