The Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking (ICAR-CNR)

Via P. Bucci, cube 8/9C Rende (CS) – 87036

The Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking (ICAR) offers innovative solutions in the areas of research, technology transfer, and higher education. The main focus is on intelligent systems with complex functionality and high-performance computing. The institute develops significant research activities on four important thematic areas: Artificial Intelligence, IoT & Cyber-Physical Systems, Data Science and Technology with applications in fields like e-health, energy, security, bioinformatics, cultural heritage, and smart cities.

CNR-ICAR will be contributing to the development of the Eloquence project technologies. Their primary responsibility will be to oversee the project pilots for evaluating the implemented technologies, as well as to create their own pilot aimed at identifying social biases in language models, particularly in specific social contexts.

Research and product development for publication and dissemination purposes, especially in analysing possible social bias in conversation with virtual agents trained with open-source datasets.”

ICAR-CNR team members

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Led by Telefónica, ELOQUENCE is an elite alliance of 16 partners across 10 countries. We bring together top R&D centers, academic leaders, and conversational AI innovators, focusing on groundbreaking advancements in natural language processing, robotics, and cognitive systems. Our consortium, a blend of research excellence and SME innovation, is at the forefront of developing AI technologies for practical, sustainable applications. Committed to transforming the future of human-machine communication, ELOQUENCE embodies our dedication to creating impactful, socially responsible AI solutions.