Brno University of Technology

Antonínská 548/1 601 90 Brno

Brno University of Technology is one of central Europe's leading teaching and research technical universities, with more than 120 years of tradition. It is located in Brno, often called European Silicon Valley. One of its eight faculties is the Faculty of Information Technology, established in 2002, where approximately 2500 students enroll each year, and over 9000 have graduated so far. Faculty also enjoys a favorable placement in the World University Ranking while growing research and cooperation with the private sector.

BUT contributes with research in key components of modern dialogue systems. BUT leads the WP2, which is focused on the LLM models while ensuring they provide factually correct and relevant answers.

BUT’s mission is to advance the SOTA in the design of unstructured dialogue systems and bring them closer to people via speech interface.

BUT team members

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