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Omilia provides voice-enabled dialog systems to companies across North America, Canada, and Europe, helping them become smarter and more efficient in serving their customers. Omilia’s Conversational AI platform offers no-code, enterprise-scale customer service automation across voice and text channels, with industry-specific models and integration with leading CCaaS platforms. Omilia's technology suite powers the IVR of some of the largest banks, insurance, telecommunications, and utility companies worldwide.

Omilia will lead the pilot “Retrieval-augmented LLMs as virtual agents, capable of understanding the user’s goals, making API calls and responding with empathy”. It will also be involved in most WP, to contribute with its experience in automated customer care.

We believe that Humanity needs Technology to evolve, and today’s Technology needs more Humanity.

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Led by Telefónica, ELOQUENCE is an elite alliance of 16 partners across 10 countries. We bring together top R&D centers, academic leaders, and conversational AI innovators, focusing on groundbreaking advancements in natural language processing, robotics, and cognitive systems. Our consortium, a blend of research excellence and SME innovation, is at the forefront of developing AI technologies for practical, sustainable applications. Committed to transforming the future of human-machine communication, ELOQUENCE embodies our dedication to creating impactful, socially responsible AI solutions.