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GrantXpert Consulting is a Cypriot-based SME, with a cumulative expertise of more than 25 years in European and National funding programs. The team has a proven core expertise in providing training and consulting services to local and EU organizations, and a track-record in implementing research work on entrepreneurial, business and other educational topics. Specifically, GrantXpert has participated in more than 100 national and EU funded projects as partner and it has been twice selected as Fund Operator for 2 big projects in Cyprus by the EEA and Norway Grants. Also, it has coordinated more than 30 large-scale EU funded projects in the past 12 years, including the Level Up project (13 partners) funded by the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) of the European Union. Six of the company’s EU projects have been selected so far, as success stories at EU level. GrantXpert is also a leader at a national level in the development of innovative educational programs. GrantXpert’s mission is to deliver solutions, stemming from multidisciplinary strategic partnership on an EU level, tackling new European societal, digital & green challenges. The overall vision, is to change and improve EU citizens’ life by implementing EU funded programmes, and maximising their overall impact. Currently, our network of EU partners consists of more than 1000 in all member states, enriched on a continuous basis. GrantXpert currently employs a team of 17 multidisciplinary professionals with a diverse research portfolio.

Additionally, the team has a specialization in the preparation of proposals & their successful implementation, with more than 25 years of combined experience.

GrantXpert has developed core research expertise in the following areas:

- Entrepreneurship & Start-ups
- Employability, digital and soft skills
- Business & Innovation
- Education & Training
- Youth Culture
- Social Inclusion
- Digital transformation (pedagogical & innovative training approaches)
- SMEs digital transformation
- Environment & Circular Economy
- Policy reform

GrantXpert Consulting contributes to the Eloquence project by evaluating the acceptance and acceptability of new technologies by different groups of people, as well as the alignment of the ELOQUENCE technology with European values, such as inclusiveness. Also, it will seek strategic partnerships with European companies, AI on demand platform, and other stakeholders to facilitate large-scale demonstrations of our Eloquence’s LLMs. For further maximizing the impact of the Eloquence project, GrantXpert will co-organize roundtables with policymakers.

GrantXpert Consulting commenced its operations in Cyprus in early 2009 when Dr. Celia Hadjichristodoulou, the company's Founder and General Manager, successfully secured funding by clinching the top spot in the "Supporting New Women Entrepreneurs" Funding Scheme, a programme implemented under Cyprus' Structural Funds. Since its inception, GrantXpert Consulting has been instrumental in securing over 35 million EUR in EU funding for its clients. The company has built a strong reputation for effectively navigating various European programs, with team members specialized in specific funding opportunities. In addition to its in-house team of expert consultants on EU funding, GrantXpert collaborates with skilled grant writers from Cyprus and across Europe on a project basis. Looking ahead, GrantXpert envisions maintaining its position as a leader in Cyprus and aims to remain among the top 10 EU funding consulting firms. The company is dedicated to providing guidance to individuals and organizations and informing them on the application and management of EU funds.

GrantXpert team members

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Led by Telefónica, ELOQUENCE is an elite alliance of 16 partners across 10 countries. We bring together top R&D centers, academic leaders, and conversational AI innovators, focusing on groundbreaking advancements in natural language processing, robotics, and cognitive systems. Our consortium, a blend of research excellence and SME innovation, is at the forefront of developing AI technologies for practical, sustainable applications. Committed to transforming the future of human-machine communication, ELOQUENCE embodies our dedication to creating impactful, socially responsible AI solutions.