Telefónica Innovación Digital, S.L.

Distrito Telefónica

Telefónica Innovación Digital is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Telefónica committed to carrying out the Research, Development, and Innovation activities in the field of telecommunications, telematics, and information systems. It also provides the Telefónica group with the necessary support elements for its development. These activities are directed mainly, but not exclusively, towards the study and preparation of documentation for Product Development, Exploratory Development, Applied Research, Technological Reports, Situational Studies on techniques and technologies, Testing Services, Quality Control, and Audits.

Due to our high interest in the exploitation of the ELOQUENCE results, TID will contribute mainly as Project Coordinator, helping on the scientific management and leading the pilots on WP5. In addition, TID will develop and research on tools for distributed and federated learning techniques applied to speech and LLMs adaptation.

Our vision for ELOQUENCE is to develop conversational AI that is trustworthy, follows a human-centered approach, and aligns with European social and ethical values. This technology is designed to operate under human rights and principles, including pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, and equality. We believe that AI can be adaptive, with privacy, sustainability, and integrity given by design, and can serve for social good. By prioritizing these values, we are committed to advancing technology in a responsible and principled manner.

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Led by Telefónica, ELOQUENCE is an elite alliance of 16 partners across 10 countries. We bring together top R&D centers, academic leaders, and conversational AI innovators, focusing on groundbreaking advancements in natural language processing, robotics, and cognitive systems. Our consortium, a blend of research excellence and SME innovation, is at the forefront of developing AI technologies for practical, sustainable applications. Committed to transforming the future of human-machine communication, ELOQUENCE embodies our dedication to creating impactful, socially responsible AI solutions.