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Privanova is a boutique privacy compliance and risk management consultancy based in Paris. We advocate Privacy by Design, and a pragmatic, business-aware approach to data protection management. We translate complex GDPR rules into actionable items and help our clients achieve and proactively demonstrate compliance and accountability. Our unique interdisciplinary approach to privacy risk management combines legal, technical, and organizational measures allowing our customers to secure their operations. We provide our customers the clarity they need to take balanced business decisions based on their organization’s risk appetite. Our team includes former INTERPOL and UN professionals experienced in managing the whole EU project life-cycle. Together, our consultants have initiated, managed or successfully participated in more than 25 FP7 and H2020 consortia.

Besides ensuring Ethics Compliance, Privanova is responsible for establishing an independent Ethics Advisory Board for the project, manages Data Protection Compliance in accordance with GDPR and coordinates partners' efforts to deliver and maintain a comprehensive Data Management Plan. Privanova is also playing a key role in ensuring multidisciplinary, assessment and validation of all project activities by establishing a community of experts who will represent all relevant stakeholder groups and support the project’s research activities. Further, it will lead the efforts on maintaining contact and collaboration with standards-developing organizations (SDOs) for linking the technical work, ethics, privacy and interoperability of the project to the standards.

Empowering organizations through privacy compliance, risk management, actionable GDPR solutions, and a business-aware approach for proactive compliance and accountability

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